Aesthetic and general dental medicine

The principal aim of dental medicine is to maintain teeth health, which includes treatment of undesirable conditions. The branch that deals in these matters is, in layman’s terms, general dentistry. Our practice offers top services in aesthetic and general dentistry by means of modern instruments.

We render conservative dentistry services, which include the following: composite (white) fillings, teeth treatment, removal of dental calculus and polishing, dental extraction, tooth whitening, etc.

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Cavity removal

Sometimes we are unaware how much risk cavities pose until they spread out and dig deep, accompanied by uncomfortable pain, and inevitably ruin the aesthetics of our smile. In such cases, the removal and reconstruction of cavity-affected tooth enamel and dentine requires attentive treatment, in order to prevent new cavities and restore the tooth to its natural appearance and full functionality.

Our practice carries out painless cavity removal and construction of precise aesthetic fillings using state-of-the-art materials, which results in perfect reconstruction of teeth without discolouration.

Dental treatment

Dental treatment, i.e. endodontic procedures, are some of the most precise and complex in dentistry. Tooth roots have very small dimensions and are often curved. Incomplete removal of bacteria from tooth roots impairs the future health and preservation of teeth.

Root canal treatment leaves no room for mistakes. Therefore, it uses special materials and instruments that enable complete removal of infected tissue and, by implementing electronic devices, establishes the exact position of the root tip that serves as the starting point for filling the canal. Using advanced technological procedures achieves permanent healing and a high success rate of treatment.

Calculus removal

Calculus removal entails removal of all deposits from teeth: calculus, plaque, as well as pigmentation created by food and cigarettes. Once calculus forms on teeth, it cannot be removed using regular oral hygiene methods, requiring instead intervention by a dentist.

Calculus is usually removed without local anaesthesia, making it a painless treatment method. Aside from removing calculus, it is important to subsequently polish teeth in order to make their surface smooth and thus less susceptible to calculus build-up. The treatment may involve sensitivity, but only in certain areas close to the neck of the tooth.

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Paediatric dentistry

We take special care of our littlest patients and their baby teeth, with the aim of preventing damage to their future permanent teeth and maintaining general oral health.

Care for the health and protection of children’s teeth begins as early as pregnancy. Mothers-to-be receive our full attention and education, which makes them more prepared for the time their children start growing their first teeth and for maintaining proper hygiene and health of their children’s teeth.

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We recommend bringing your child to their first visit to the dentist as soon they reach the age of three, in order to have their teeth checked and allow them to gain trust in their dentist. When treating children, we place special emphasis on prevention that serves to protect baby teeth from cavities, avoid premature loss of baby teeth and preserve sites where future permanent teeth will grow.  This establishes a natural sequence of permanent teeth growth and reduces subsequent need for orthodontic treatment, with the aim of correcting malocclusions in terms of functionality and aesthetics.


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